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December Roundup: The Rise of Unconventional Homes - The Tile Curator

December Roundup: The Rise of Unconventional Homes

November’s roundup features unconventional homes around the world that make us seriously rethink our living conditions! Check these out:

1. Floating home in Bay Area’s Mission Creek

Ever thought how it feels like to live in a floating home? One couple in San Francisco traded bidding for a conventional home to try out a floating home. Built by local architect Robert Nebolon, the boathouse was built with considerations on weight, space and storage. The interiors feature wooden floors, huge glass windows and industrial design details. Via Dwell.com



2. Nature shelters and campsite along the coast of Denmark

Check out these assymetric nature shelters built by LUMO architects along the coasts of the Danish archiplelago. Built with large wood chips treated with black pigmentated tar oil, these shelters are built for campers and visitors who want to immerse themselves in the rural outdoors. Via Design Boom.



3. Muji’s minimalist prefab homes

We all know Muji as the Japanese super store for anything minimalist including housewares, clothes, paper products and other daily essentials. But now they’re building homes, starting with these three prototypes called the “Muji Hut” project. “Each was made in the image of kyosho jutaku, the Japanese style of micro-homes that is at once bizarre in its aesthetic variability and pragmatic in its consideration for dense urban living,” reports Wired.com. “Kyosho jutaku homes in Tokyo include ones built onto a single parking space, and others that use a unique form—like stacked steel boxes that allow the facade to double as storage space.” Via Wired.



4. Colorado mansion features an indoor waterfall and faux starlit foyer

This mansion in Boulder Colorado took the outdoors in, quite literally. This 8,775 sqft mansion with 5 bedrooms and 7 baths, feature an indoor waterfall, a whole lot of nature, and a faux starlit foyer. Say what? It’s for sale, guys. Via Zillow.



5. Screw living in a house, how about live in a train

I don’t know about you, but some people have totally given up on living in houses and chose to live in an RV, in his car or in trains! Like this German college student Leonie Muller who bought a subscription that will let her board every train in the country for free. Check out these five out-of-the-box thinkers who dared to get out of their apartments and live on the road. Via Teleport.


Ready for December? Let’s go!

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