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7 Beautiful Sightings of Hexagonal Tiles in Modern Spaces - The Tile Curator

7 Beautiful Sightings of Hexagonal Tiles in Modern Spaces

Hexagonal tiles are fast becoming a favorite with its honeycomb-like and geometric design that will update any space yet still exude that timeless effect. We are happy to discover these tiles fused together with other elements to either add accent to a room or simply modernize the space to look more fresh and appealing.

Here are seven contemporary spaces with hexagonal tiles that will definitely captivate your gaze.

1. Industrial home in Spello by Paola Navone

This spot here is a 17th century factory that was converted to an open plan apartment. By installing Moroccan hexagonal tiles with wooden flooring, it becomes a silent story-teller of how the space transitioned from being an industrial plant to a very stylish home. Who would’ve thought you can make a factory into a fancy home, right?




2. Scandinavian apartment in Murmansk, Russia by Denis Krasikov

Throughout this Scandinavian apartment, Architect Denis Krasikov used industrial elements to give it an “oomph!” The use of large hexagonal tiles in white and bold colors provides a very modern look for this bathroom space. The continuity of the tiles and the mirror, cut in the same honeycomb style, is a brilliant idea that really made it one-of-a-kind. We wouldn’t mind hanging out in this room more than we should.




3. Old West Elm Flagship Store in Washington Street

Even if you aren’t buying anything, you won’t be able to resist going through West Elm Market just to check out its interiors. From a paper box factory to a space for companion stores it is today, it has become a hub of sorts for all kinds of hip. A particular favorite is the Philadelphia-based La Colombe café, with the walls and structural supports built with reclaimed wood and hexagonal marble tile. We are digging the fusion of the old and new elements to its interiors which basically says a lot about the shoppers going through West Elm.




4. An apartment in New York by Matiz Architecture & Design

The kitchen floor becomes a highlight in this NY apartment because of its neutral colored hexagonal tiles. The smooth transition of the tiled floor to the wooden floor becomes a dramatic effect which also doubles as a room divider. The size and color of the tiles perfectly compliments the white interiors of the  apartment that gives this space a sleeker look. You would have to agree, ain’t this kitchen snazzy?




5. Eclectic country side bathroom

This quaint sink area definitely becomes eye-catching with its decorative and glazed hexagonal tiles. The choice of pattern compliments the eclectic elements and seals its country-style theme. How wonderful that this spot already refreshes you way before you cool yourself off with the water in the sink just by looking at it.




6. Curators Coffee Gallery in London by interior designer Ana Foster-Adams

Even non-coffee drinkers will flock this curators coffee gallery in London simply to take in all these visual aesthetics. The continuity of the hexagonal tiles from the floor to the coffee counter to the walls is impeccable. Choosing to blend cool and neutral tile colors also provided a very modern look for this place. The geometric design of these tiles adds to the personality of this specialty coffee house, which enhances every customer’s coffee experience.




7. Renovated coastal bungalow in Morocco

The owners of this home wanted to remake their Marrakech bungalow into a coastal home-inspired one, so they built it with eye-catching design details that achieves exactly a house in the coast. The distinct graphic pattern of these hexagonal tiles creates an artistic twist to this bathroom space. Blues and whites are used in the bathroom elements like the bath tub and sink, to balance out the boldness of the pattern all while remaining modern.




 Using hexagonal tiles can easily update any space with modern sophistication. Achieving a flawless look with this tile choice, here’s a few suggestions from us:

  •  The size of the hexagonal tile determines the level of modernity—small size for more traditional and classic look and larger size for more contemporary aesthetic.
  • If using the hexagonal tiles as focal point, choose solid colors or a mix of neutral and vibrant hues with creative styling in the installation. Otherwise, install bolder prints installed for modern style.
  • You can easily upgrade any space by installing hexagonal tiles on top of your existing tile using the right tile adhesive.
  • Hexagonal tiles can give you flexibility in design because of its geometric pattern. Hence, you can easily fuse it with other materials like wood, to create a fluid transition.

Explore this tile trend and bring a visually stimulating design to any space.

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