How About Wood-Like Tile Backsplash for Your Kitchen?

The use of a backsplash is one way to make your kitchen sink, stove area or countertop wall protected from cooking messes as well as add style to your kitchen area. Ceramic tiles are commonly used as kitchen backsplash for its easy-to-clean surface. However, using wooden tiles can also be as efficient and also bring an organic feel to your kitchen space.

If you want to explore the idea of using a different material for your kitchen backsplash, here are some wooden tiles backsplash for your inspiration:


Using small wooden tiles for kitchen backsplash provides textured element to an all wooden kitchen space. (Source)


The minimalist style of this kitchen is complemented by the use of plank-wide wooden tiles backsplash. (Source)


Installing the wooden tile backsplash in the same shade and in vertical position achieves a sleek finish in this bar/kitchen space.  (Source)


Use the same wooden material as backsplash to maintain a consistent rustic effect in your kitchen. (Source)


Wooden tile backsplash is not only used to display rustic vibe, but with the right size and shade, it can also display contemporary style. (Source)


Veer away from conventional backsplash sequence by incorporating the herringbone pattern with your wooden tiles to give your stove or countertop area some personality. (Source)

It has been predicted that softer texture is going to be a big trend this year, and using wooden tiles in matte or semi-gloss will help you achieve just that. Also, wooden tiles seamlessly blends other natural elements in your kitchen, such as your granite countertop, and emits that warm and organic feel which kitchens are known for.

That said, take cue from these inspirations and look into how you can update the look of your kitchen by simply adding wooden tiles as your kitchen backsplash.

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