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Industrial Design Trending in Hipster Coffee Shops - The Tile Curator

Industrial Design Trending in Hipster Coffee Shops

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Have you been in a hipster coffee shop lately?

Did you notice how people flock into these trendy spots not only for their dose of caffeine but also for the atmosphere that the place emits because of how the interiors are put together?

Let’s take a peek into some of these hipster coffee shops and check out the industrial trend in their spaces…

Café Coutume in Paris, France

One of the features that you will see in hipster coffee shops are the basic and bare designs they incorporate in their interiors. We see a typical Parisian style in Café Coutume in Paris, France with high ceiling, mouldings and columns. Note how the glossy white ceramic tiles of the counter worked seamlessly with the overall style of this coffee shop.




McNally Jackson Books Café in Manhattan, New York

This bookstore-slash-café in Manhattan showcases ingenious interior ideas by using books and book pages as their shop design. Various literature hang with and alongside light fixtures which immediately captures guests, which still is industrial in a sense. We also love the curved wall with lamps and open-spine books as wallpaper, noticing especially the hinged wooden pull-down folding surface reminiscent of classroom armchairs. Even non-bookworms would love to hang out here.

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Everyday Espresso in New York City

The trend of wall art design is all the more seen in hipster coffee shops. Whether an entire wall of chalkboard of menu and other art or huge original canvass painting, coffee shops have maximized the use of wall art especially for those with small spaces. This particular shop in New York, Everyday Espresso, used ceramic tiles in bold colors against a red-brick wall to give accent to their coffee counter. We are also loving the wooden beam ceiling.





Beam in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This coffee shop in Bandar Sri Damansara in Malaysia is every bit of a hipster spot. The industrial style of this place clearly displayed with the shop’s bare metal stairs and railings, unfurnished walls, and blend of plain concrete with exposed pipes at the counter area. We love how they softened the place up by neutralizing with greenery here and there.





Feast of Merit in Melbourne, Australia

Rustic and industrial can blend well together. Since both trend mostly apply similar color palettes, the merge of the industrial (brick wall, wood ceiling beams and metal foundations) and the rustic elements such as the reclaimed wooden cabinet, the mismatched tables and potted plants looked very balanced as a whole.



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No wonder people love hanging out in these hipster coffee shops. The industrial trend subtly hints that the place is really about the coffee and how it is prepared just as you like it. No nonsense and all practical.

If you’re looking into adapting the industrial trend into your spaces, here’s a few key elements:

  • Drop light fixtures—you can go contemporary or vintage with the light designs and still achieve industrial effect.
  • Keep it bare and minimal with exposed mouldings, unfinished flooring, choosing design pieces that are both aesthetic and functional.
  • Use glossy ceramic tiles in colors that will complement your entire space.

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