Wall Inspiration: 8 Ways to Style and Make the Most Out of Your Wall

Aside from simply painting it, styling your wall can change the ambience of your space. If you have a wall space that you’re itching to spruce up or you’ve been thinking how to revamp your room or office, then choose from these 8 wall inspirations and apply the ones that you fancy.

Tile Pattern

This bathroom space used honeycomb pattern with tiles in white, and used neutral colors to create a contemporary arrangement.



Do an accent wall with creative patterned tiles.




Piece together a gallery of different elements in one portion or do it on one entire wall.



Paint your wall in a monochrome color, install a decorative light fixture and use ledges instead of drilling holes into the wall to hang your lovely family photos.




Maximize the wall on your workspace and turn it into a dual-purposed wall, write down reminder or style it up with some cute details.



This style is also a favorite in kitchens and dining area for its simplicity.




How about a mural of a sight you would always love to see?



Paint your plain white wall with dainty watercolor hues for an artistic look.



DIY Wall Art

This kind of wall art won’t create a dent in your pocket as you will only need masking tape and your creative imagination.



Achieve a 3D wall art effect with some origami pieces.



Wall Decal

In case repainting the entire wall is not feasible, you may resort to wall decals and still achieve the same dramatic effect.



Bring nature in your bedroom with this lovely decal design.




Using graffiti indoors may be tricky but can be tastefully done. This is best applied in rooms with minimal details. Apply black drawings on white wall to avoid overwhelming your vision.



Or if you like more colors in your graffiti, position it on a focal point and choose a design that applies similar strokes.




Doing typography on the wall makes for a very classic vibe in your space.



How about a stanza from your favorite poem, written in your preferred font, as a wall design?



We hope you enjoyed these ideas as much as we did. Choose one that works best with the wall space that you have and let your creativity flow.

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