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3 Reasons 3D Tile Design is A Rising Trend - The Tile Curator

3 Reasons 3D Tile Design is A Rising Trend

The three-dimension or 3D tile design is one of the trends seen last year at Cersaie, an annual exhibit of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings by European tile manufacturers held at Bologna, Italy. That said, tiles with surface dynamics was identified as one of the rising trends in the coming year.

According to the Novita trend report, these tiles appear with “three dimensional folds, wavy ridges, raised geometry and asymmetrical profiles.” But why is it becoming a hot trend in the interior design world? Here is our “3-D” take.

Reason #1: Daring


Using a decorative 3D tile in your living room can provide a lovely accent to your wall.



A hallway wall can be dramatic with 3D tiles.


As far as tile design is concerned, we continually see it go by leaps and bounds, and it is only a matter of time that tile manufacturers explore textures with 3D designs. While there will always be a market for traditonal tile styles, a rising number of homeowners and designers want to see a different level of aesthetics in their spaces–and in this case, aesthetics that plays with dimensional facet.

Reason #2: Depth


Interlocking 3D tiles were used on this focal wall which gave the space more depth.



The 3D tiles on the fireplace wall complements the other textures in this bedroom.


The use of 3D tile design provides personality to an otherwise common room. Even if the color choice is neutral, the dimension of the tile surface offers edge and texture that increases the design value of the wall. Using 3D tiles also can be cost-efficient because with its surface enhancing, you don’t need much decor or too many elements to achieve a beautiful space.

Reason #3: Distinction


This shower stall became more distinct between the vanity areas because of the wavy ridges of the 3D tile.



The backsplash becomes a distinct feature of this kitchen.


3D tiles can be used as a subtle space division in a room  or a creative demarcation from one room to another. Many homeowners and designers favor the application of 3D tiles to split a limited space to a multi-purpose area, rather than adding elements that would crowd the room. It can also serve as a highlight of the room no matter how ordinary the area is.

It is quite evident that 3D tile designs give homeowners and designers more liberty when it comes to designing a creative modern space. Use it as an accent tile or a feature wall, either way it will still amplify stylishness in your space. With many different dimensional cuts and patterns to choose from, some can even be customized depending on a customer’s requirement, it looks like 3D tiles may reign as a design favorite in 2016.

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