5 Scandinavian Ways to Design Your Home

The Scandinavian design is known for its elegant simplicity, functionality and lots of natural light. This design trend works so well in any home, especially space-limited ones, for its ability to expand the room with only a very few objects and setting up.

So if you want a home that looks so put-together without so much effort, then we strongly recommend you follow these simple steps to design your space the Scandinavian way.

1. White it out.



white 2


Probably the easiest thing to do to quickly pull of a Scandinavian in your home is to paint the walls white or to keep more white elements in the rooms. White is a key element in Scandinavian design. A pristine white space provides a clear slate that will complement the next design principles that will be mentioned. So if you are decided to apply Scandinavian design in your room, you can start with this one.


2. Let there be (lots of) light!

Lighting 2




One of the identifying features of a Scandinavian design is its bright appearance, whether through natural lighting or by using lighting fixtures like lamps. You can simply let the natural light in to the rooms of your home by drawing the curtains of your windows, include lighting fixtures such as a globular copper light or incorporate candles, which soften the overall look of the space.


3. Embrace nature.



Nature 2


Scandinavian design is big on natural elements incorporated in the home. This is why you will see wood applied to practically any area of the space—flooring, wall, ceiling and furniture. Another dominant décor are potted plants or anything from nature that was either reclaimed or reconstructed. If the room has a good view of the outdoors, they make it a highlight by structuring a balcony or creating an extension area to enjoy it.


4. Integrate neutral and muted colors.

Color 2




If you feel calm each time you come across a Scandinavian styled space, it is due to the serenity that the neutral and muted hues emit. The colors cream, gray and sometimes blue in softer shades complement the “nature” aspect of the Scandinavian interiors. These choices of colors also help open up the room and gives an illusion of a bigger space. Bolder colors or patterns can also be used as accent pieces to the rooms. You can apply these colors and patterns on the furniture, walls, or accessories that you want to add to your space.

5. Maintain form and functionality.

Form and Functionality


Form and Functionality 2


Many will find Scandinavian design achievable because of its simplicity. Since this trend emphasizes function and form, you will rarely see overly decorated areas. For your space, find elements that are useful that also doubles as design accents. Keep items and fixtures that have simple and clean lines, making sure that objects are well-spaced to avoid a cluttered look. If an item or furniture seems out of place, it probably is—ditch it and just keep the overall appearance light and clean.


The Scandinavian design remains to be a trend because of its effortless and minimalist approach. Since it doesn’t take much to achieve this look in your home, you can start arranging any room now by clearing the clutter and applying these principles we have shared with you. Enjoy decorating!

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