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This Airbnb Tile House: You've Never Seen These Many Tiles in One House! - The Tile Curator

This Airbnb Tile House: You’ve Never Seen These Many Tiles in One House!

Over the recent years Airbnb has become the go-to website for tourists, business travelers, and backpackers who are looking for alternatives to pricey hotels and lodging. It’s an online market place for vacation rentals that connects “hosts” with property to rent with “guests” looking to rent the space. Cheaper lodging is exactly why Airbnb is such a hit, but once in a while, we come across interesting homes for rent that are almost like tourist spots themselves.

Like this Tile House.

I mean, have you ever seen this many tiles all in one house?


Welcome, walk into its eclectic living space.

Located in Palms, California, the Tile House is cradled inside and outside by a mosaic made of Mexican tile, smalti, handmade Perry Hoffman ceramics, tile and fused glass, found desert tiles, found objects, stained glass and ceramic bric-brac, THERE you find yourself situated in complete silence, watching the desert light crawl across the fast and intricate landscape which is ALL around you.





Touches of luxury, whimsy, and function make the visitor feel safe but also adventurous. Owner Perry has been working on this mosaic since 2000. 11 years later, 800 sqft were added, and approximately 2500 sqft of mosaic applied and grouted. Glass fused baubles, hand made ceramics and a magical desert. This desert homestead turned beacon of love vision is waiting to reach the stars.





The Tile House, according to the Airbnb description, sits in the middle of the vast and open desert. Aside from the collection of tiles, you might also happen to see some jack rabbits, cottontails, ravens, scorpions, desert iguana, snakes, Gambel’s quail, lesser night hawks, owls, coyotes, roadrunners, sphinx moths, and kangaroo rats, flash floods, dust devils, lightning storms, sunsets, summer rains, empty roads, wildflowers, and cacti within the vicinity of the house.





To see the full details of this Tile House, visit its Airbnb page here.

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